A little about me...

Hi there! I am a busy mom of 4 kids who inspire me everyday! We love being creative with arts and crafts which is why I became interested in making jewelry. I especially love gemstones and crystals which reflect in my pieces.

Jewelry is my most favorite creative outlet. Through the years, I have learned how to scrapbook (both digital and traditional), create marketing ads, make greeting cards, centerpieces and plan parties. Before my children were born, I owned a candy shop where I hand crafted amazing candy bouquets and gift baskets. Such a fun time in my life! Now that my children are a bit older, I wanted to get back into my creative zone. This time, I decided to try a hand at jewelry making. Once I started, I was hooked.
All of my designs are created using authentic gemstones. I practice yoga daily and I am certified reiki master. Therefore, natural gemstones resonate with me. I also use Swarovski crystal elements and pearls, and gold or silver plated beads. I do not use any plastic beads because I feel gemstones are very natural and important.
For centuries, many people used gemstones for ornaments and jewelry. Precious stones have been fixed on crowns of royals all over the world for thousands of years. The infamous golden burial mask of King Tut was inlaid with turquoise and lapis lazuli.
Many use gemstones for their unique healing properties. They use gemstones to cure disease or to have good effects on health. A wide range of gemstones are available for different desired effects on health. In scientific terms, light enters the stone, its wavelength is changed by the stone and this "changed-wavelength light" enters the skin and interacts with blood. Since different stones have different colors, light's wavelength changes differently for different stones and consequently effects health in different ways. There are many wonderful websites that give you indepth information on all the different types of gemstones, their meanings and healing properties. Check them out!
There are so many fun, beautiful, dazzling pieces that can be created! I especially love when my friends and family ask for personalized jewelry. Making a one of a kind piece with someone in mind is truly special.
Let me know what inspires you ~ Let's create something together.!


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